Sandra Blunkall Real Estate


Buying or selling a home is a major and life-changing event. I know this firsthand, as my husband and I relocated every other year due to his career with the Army. Being the largest financial decisions most people make, the decision to buy or sell must be made very carefully, and I have made it my goal to make that decision as easy for you as it can possibly be.

Why Buy with Sandra?

I am completely committed to finding you a home that is a perfect fit to your wants and needs. I am a full-time agent with experience completing all sorts of transactions, and I am extremely familiar to the area- I live here. I make a habit of treating all my clients not only as though they were my only client, but also as if they were my friend or neighbor, and so you can come to me at any time, with even the simplest of questions. I am also continually working on more and more accurate methods of measuring and, in a sense, taking the pulse of the local market, all in order to allow you the best selection of homes, at the very best price.

One of my main policies is to listen with my full attention to all of your needs and concerns, and I will do my very best to help you find your next true home.

Why Sell with Sandra?

As one of the most knowledgeable realtors in town, when it comes to this area, I can give you the competitive edge you need to sell your home quickly for the best value possible.

I can advise you and help you prepare your home for presentation, particularly all-important subjects such as curb appeal (keeping your landscaping tidy and adding colorful touches to your yard can go a long way towards making your home stand out), property repairs (minor things like repainting doors), staging (making your house feel like a home not only to you, but to strangers who are interested in it), disclosures (legal proceedings that would be very difficult to make beneficial without a professional, such as myself) , inspections, and all the way up to the presentation itself.

Get Started Today.

Buying or selling a home is truly a big deal, and it can be an extremely stressful deal, as well, if you don’t have an experienced professional with you to guide you in the right direction and take care of unnecessary and stressful steps for you. The communities in this area want to welcome you totally and wholeheartedly and take you into their loving fold, and I aim to help them do just that by making getting out of your old home or into a new one a downright pleasant experience, with the least amount of stress possible.

Please, give me a call today. I’m eager to meet you, and overjoyed at the prospect of working with you to take your next step towards your dream.