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Mt. Juliet

Currently ranked as Tennessee’s healthiest housing market, Mount Juliet, like much of the rest of this area, is in a state of rapid economic growth and prosperity. This boomtown between the lakes is home to not only one of the fastest-growi...

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Smyrna is a very quaint-feeling town, with a strong awareness of history being pervasive in the air of the place. Popular for retirees and those seeking a quiet, small-town feel while also having extremely easy access to the city of Nashville...

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Founded in 1797 due to a broken wagon wheel and an abundance of natural resources, Nolensville, Tennessee is a charming small town- but one that is undergoing large amounts of dramatic growth. New homes and facilities are erupting everywhere,...

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Murfreesboro, named the Most Livable town in Tennessee, is the fastest-growing city in the state. While originally an agricultural community, by the time of the Civil War, Murfreesboro was home to several colleges and academies, leading to it...

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Brentwood is a wealthy neighborhood, situated among the high, rolling hills of United Real Estate on County, the wealthiest county in America, having adjusted for cost of living. Brentwood is also Tennessee’s best-educated city, with a top-...

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The city of Franklin, Tennessee started out as a suburb to Nashville. Named for Benjamin Franklin, this town is quickly becoming less of a suburb and more of its own community with its own culture, with a unique sense of place that is rare in...

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