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Brentwood is a wealthy neighborhood, situated among the high, rolling hills of United Real Estate on County, the wealthiest county in America, having adjusted for cost of living. Brentwood is also Tennessee’s best-educated city, with a top-notch school district.

As far as sports go, horse-riding and fox hunting are popular pastimes in this mansion-filled slice of heaven, and there’s much more there than even that.

Beautiful, beautiful Brentwood is a wealthy and welcoming community, full to the brim of absolutely gorgeous houses and mansions. While lacking in a historical district, per se, there is a huge amount of old mansions and even a Prehistoric Native American burial mound.

Brentwood, as a town, is absolutely stunning, and has almost a thousand acres of parkland and over 20 miles of biking and hiking trails to explore and marvel at, when you aren’t exploring the streets and marveling at the amazing, amazing houses. It’s not surprising that this place is home to a number of athletic superstars (and their directors and coaches), musicians, and even the odd famous comedian or physicist.

As a community, Brentwood is the shining star of United Real Estate on County, with an excellent school system and a tendency towards wealth and prestige. These are both evident in equal quantities when one takes a look at the delightful shopping and food opportunities available, what with the numerous local gourmet restaurants and the exclusive stores available in the downtown shopping districts.

The downtown area, relative to the mansions in the “highlands”, is relatively new and amazingly well manicured, and houses the commercial districts as well as most, if not all, food choices.

Belle Rive Homes for Sale

Belle Rive is absolutely stunning. Luscious beyond description, and a testament to the kind of wealth that typifies the town of Brentwood. These picturesque legions of ostentatious mansions only become more and more attractive the farther away from the center of Brentwood they are, and as they move up into the highlands, they begin to be built into the sides of the magnificent hills, only accentuating their lavish, unending, and beautiful vigil over the town. Opulence doesn’t even come close to describing the beauty of Belle Rive.

Brookefield Homes for Sale

Brooke Field is a new subdivision, full of large new houses just waiting for you to become a member of their community. It’s a bit far from Brentwood proper, actually somewhat close to Catalina and Nolensville.

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If any part of the truly amazing community that is Brentwood strikes you as sounding “right”, please don’t wait to call and set up a tour with me. If your dream house is among those mansions, I will not rest until you have moved into it, as it is my greatest satisfaction as a realtor to know that someone is happy about their new house, and pleased with an excellent deal on a truly beautiful home, a home which probably has a rich and storied history of its own to tell you, even while you add to that story yourself.

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