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The city of Franklin, Tennessee started out as a suburb to Nashville. Named for Benjamin Franklin, this town is quickly becoming less of a suburb and more of its own community with its own culture, with a unique sense of place that is rare in most communities today.

It is a large community, and has grown to five times its original population since 1980- it’s growing extremely quickly and not slowing down for anyone. One of the best cities for start-up businesses, due its tight-knit but large community, Franklin is also known for its parades and festivals down Main Street, which happen regularly.

Life in Franklin – Franklin, TN Real Estate

Franklin is a town in a wonderful position. While it is still technically a suburb of Nashville, and many of its inhabitants commute to Nashville, it’s also one of the best places in the US to start a small business.

It’s also a great place to be a history buff. Historical buildings and places are interwoven through Franklin, from the civil war battlefield for the Battle of Franklin to the simplest of antique shops, history is all around you and the air is alive with stories.

As a part of United Real Estate on County (the US’s wealthiest county after accounting for cost of living), the school system in Franklin is absolutely amazing. United Real Estate on County is the best-educated county in Tennessee, with high schools in Franklin listed among the most challenging in America, as well as featuring prominently on a list of America’s best high schools.

Due to the large number of smaller, local businesses, the food in Franklin is amazing, with a restaurant geared towards date-nights, a Thai restaurant that is also a lovely bakery, and country-themed bars. Shopping here is also amazing, with a large retail and entertainment complex, there’s something for everyone here in Franklin.

Keystone Homes for Sale

Keystone is a large, well-manicured, and beautiful subdivision in Franklin, chock full of huge, beautiful houses- most all of which have absolutely wonderful landscaping, if I do say so myself. A comfortable place to live as you enjoy the Franklin community if ever there was one, with a great housing market to boot.

Carlisle Homes for Sale

Carlisle is definitely a very affluent subdivision- the houses are practically mansions in their own right, and even the smaller ones are amazingly stylish. There’s nothing that’s not to love about this housing district, and buying a home here would probably be one of the best decisions of your life.

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Franklin is a booming town, growing quickly and innovating at every corner- it’s truly deserving of its namesake, Benjamin Franklin’s, blessing. With an amazing housing market, a large number of start-ups and small businesses, and one of the best historical towns in the nation, Franklin, if anything, is truly deserving of your consideration if you’re buying a home in this area of Tennessee.

Give me a call if you’re interested in one of the most amazing towns this state has to offer, I’d be ecstatic to help you search for homes or schedule a tour.

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