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Founded in 1797 due to a broken wagon wheel and an abundance of natural resources, Nolensville, Tennessee is a charming small town- but one that is undergoing large amounts of dramatic growth. New homes and facilities are erupting everywhere, and it’s a wonderful place to buy if you’re looking for a newly built home.

Life in Nolensville – Nolensville, TN Real Estate

Nolensville feels like a small, small town, but is in reality essentially a large, semi-independent suburb to the city of Franklin, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lovely personality of its own. Nolensville has a rich history, and hasn’t stopped growing since that first broken wagon wheel in 1797. While much of the place is new, it certainly hasn’t forgotten its past, with buildings from the 1800s still standing and being used as shops and even homes. There’s even an old stagecoach station that has become a fabulous bed and breakfast.

For food, there’s a very small-town feel, with places such as Nana’s Diner serving some of the best food in the whole neighborhood. And the convenient commercial district has many familiar shops and stores. The school system is great, and Nolensville has a very wide variety of youth sports, which include baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and football, so it has a bit of something for everyone.

Nolensville has experienced some serious growth over the years, and some of its newer housing districts are quite the sight.

Catalina Homes for Sale

Catalina is a new suburban area just outside Nolensville, so new that houses are still being built as we speak. The houses are, as you might have guessed, brand new, and rather large. Large, and very stylish, as well.The landscaping is fresh, the sidewalks are sparklingly new, even the trees are young and growing. The atmosphere in Catalina is utterly delightful.

McFarlin Woods Homes for Sale

McFarlin Woods is another growing suburban area in Nolensville, and is actually situated within Nolensville proper. This is a housing district that is already well rooted, and growing more steadily than its seedling counterpart in Catalina, but the atmosphere is no less charming, and the location is actually a bit more convenient, being nearer the Nolensville commercial district.

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Catalina, McFarlin Woods, and Nolensville as a whole is potentially one of the most welcoming little towns that you’ll ever come across, and new homes there are wonderful. The people of Nolensville are used to new neighbors, what with how quickly the place is booming, and the town is definitely growing to be something special. For all its rapid growth, Nolensville has managed to retain the spirit that was born the instant the wagon wheel that caused its founding snapped and broke, forcing William Nolen to look around and see this place’s beauty for what it truly was- and still is.

Please give me a call if you’d like more information about this fabulous little town, or even a tour. I’d be happy to make any arrangements you’d like in regards to seeing lovely, not-so-little Nolensville.

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