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If You Really Want To Know What Your Home is Worth… Ask a Professional, Not a Website

You probably have heard of Zillow estimates or “Zestimates”as they call them on Zillow that claim to know what the value of your home is worth in your current real estate market. Now, Zillow is a great site to market your house and get the word out that your house is now for sale. However, it is NOT accurate on evaluating what your home is worth in your current market. My own sister, just yesterday, told me that her own home was worth $70,000 less than what she paid for it back in 2006. When I asked her how she came to that amount she told me from Zillow! I was shocked to think my own sister thinks Zillow is the end all, be all of truth about her home’s current value and she is absolutely not the only home owner that has been fooled by Zestimates. It has been proven time and time again by realtors that Zestimates cannot be trusted and either value a property to0 high or too low. However, rarely are Zestimates spot on accurate. I would dare say they are pretty much never accurate. (Of course this is my opinion and that of many other realtors as of right now and I have not documented list price / sale price of active homes against Zestimates to date, but I have seen the difference and I am about to attempt to prove it… stay tuned for my following blogs)

Another reason buyers and sellers may go straight to Zillow for these Zestimates is because it is easy and free, plus  Zillow features a free mortgage calculator, and Ads for local Realtors that are next to properties with reviews on them that could possibly live chat with you. (These realtors pay for this Ad space and they are typically not the listing agents for those properties unless those particular realtors have paid to have their pictures next to their own actual listings, this has often confused buyers) So, back to my earlier thought: I couldn’t believe my sister believed in Zillow more than a local expert. Obviously, since I am a realtor I thought I had told her that Zestimates are not accurate before. (I want to mention again that I like Zillow and that I am not trying to bash the website, only trying to give my opinion about their Zestimate feature) Zillow does have value for buyers, sellers, agents, and affiliates by getting desired property information on-line and available to all with internet service) With that being said, I will end this blog by saying that if you want an accurate evaluation of your current home’s worth in your neighborhood, please talk to your local expert realtor. (I hope that will be me!) I can give you a free, no obligation home evaluation and Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) or buyer’s consultation if you live in Mid Tennessee. Please contact me at today! p.s. Look for my quarterly market report on my you tube channel coming soon. pps. for a funny you tube video that agrees with me on Zestimates go to: Adele-Hello Realtor Parody  (Please note that this video is for entertainment purposes only…enjoy)